Evaporation £550 SOLD

Atlantic Crossing £495 SOLD

Wild Rose Hips

£120 SOLD

Tranquility £600 SOLD

Rubicon Meadow £600 SOLD

Lost Smugglers £150 SOLD

Look For The Light £650 SOLD

Enchanted Gorge £700 SOLD

Submerged Memories £220 SOLD

Geese Over Silver Moon SOLD

The Dell SOLD

The Remarkables, New Zealand SOLD

Pink Forest​ SOLD

Arctic Shelf SOLD

Emerald Globes SOLD

Cold Front SOLD

Its All Downhill  SOLD

Manawatu Gorge, New Zealand SOLD

Between Islands SOLD

Lost Planets SOLD

Jade Sunset SOLD


Loopy SOLD

Waiting and Petrified SOLD

Melting Pearls, acrylic on canvas SOLD

Nymans Ruins SOLD

Drizzle SOLD

Paddock Road, Lewes in watercolour


Ann of Cleves, Lewes in watercolour


Sussex Barn, in watercolour SOLD

St Pancras Church Lewes, in pencil


Raintown, Lewes in watercolour SOLD

Falling, acrylic on canvas SOLD

Reef Edge, oil on canvas £260 SOLD

Snowtown, Lewes in watercolour SOLD

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