I am fascinated by rugged land and seascapes and strive to paint impressions of these natural formations 

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Up and coming exhibitions


10th and 11th June 2017

The High Beeches Gardens

High Beeches Lane, Handcross, West Sussex, RH17 6HQ (solo show)




8th, 9th, 15th and 16th July 2017

Open Home Studio (solo show) 

Horsham Artists Open Studios




21st and 22nd October

Horsham Art Fair

County Hall North, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1XH




3rd February to 16th March 2018 

Horsham Museum and Art Gallery (solo show)

9 Causeway, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1HE




29th April to 27th May 2018

The Hogarth

1A, Airedale Avenue, Chiswick, London, W4 2NW


Woodland Treasures

New emerging series for 2018

Golden Meadow, Cowfold, West Sussex, oil on canvas, 33"x 23"



Streamside, Cowfold, West Sussex, oil on canvas, 20"x 20"





Primordial Forest, acrylic on canvas, 33"x 23" 

Rubicon Meadow, 40"x 40" acrylic on canvas £750

Evaporation, 40"x 40" acrylic on canvas £725

Enchanted Gorge, acrylic on canvas, 40" x 40" SOLD

Erosion, acrylic on canvas, 40"x 40" £500

Woodland Reflections, acrylic on canvas, 40"x 40" £650

Luminescence, acrylic on canvas, 40"x 40" £680

Tranquility, acrylic on canvas, 40"x 40" £750

Recent Works



Atlantic Crossing, oil on wood, 20"x 20" £495



Woodland Gems





Frost on Wild Rose Leaves, oil on canvas, 24"x 32" £550

        Wild Rose Hips, oil on canvas,   9"x12" £120                                              

Mahonia Japonica, oil on canvas, 20"x20" £550

Frosted Bramble Leaves, oil on canvas, 20"x20" £425

Bramble Leaves On The Turn oil on canvas 20"x20" £425

Autumn Oak, oil on canvas 16"x24" £425

Blushing Bramble Leaves, oil on canvas, 16"x24" £425

Autumn Dogwood, oil on canvas, 16"x24" £425

Ripening Sloeberries, oil on canvas, 16"x24" £425



Previous Works


 Transcendence, 12"x12" acrylic on canvas £220

Geese Over Silver Moon SOLD 

Its All Downhill, 16"x16" acrylic on canvas £250

The Dell, 12"x12" acrylic on canvas £180 SOLD

The Remarkables, New Zealand, SOLD

Pink Forest, 16"x12" acrylic on canvas £180 SOLD

Arctic Shelf, 26"x22" SOLD 

Tsunami, 24"x18" acrylic on canvas £280

Lost Smugglers,24"x18" acrylic on canvas £250

Emerald Globes, SOLD

Between Islands (Cook Strait, New Zealand) 24"x18" acrylic on canvas SOLD

Lost Planets, SOLD

Atlantic Rain, 24"x18" acrylic on canvas £200

    Chocolate Tide, 24"x18" acrylic on canvas £200

Jade Sunset, SOLD

Surf, SOLD

Reef Edge,20"x20" oil on canvas £260 

          Loopy, SOLD

Drizzle, SOLD

       Waiting and Petrified, SOLD 

Nymans Ruins, SOLD



Watercolour Works


Paddock Road Lewes, watercolour SOLD

        Ann of Cleves, Lewes watercolour SOLD 

Sussex Barn, watercolour commission, SOLD

St Pancras Church, Lewes in pencil SOLD

Raintown Lewes, watercolour SOLD 

High Street, Lewes, commission SOLD

Falabellas, mixed medium, NFS